Natural Ivory White Pashmina Shawl
Natural Ivory White Pashmina Shawl
Natural Ivory White Pashmina Shawl

Natural Ivory White Pashmina Shawl

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When a drift of gazes pushes the warp threads away from each other and gazes pierce through them, lifting the veil of fine Cashmere fibre, the hands behind these masterpieces reveal themselves. Decades old experience goes into making one shawl, like this one in fresh Ivory White hosting traditional embroidery motifs. Perfect for formal and semi formal occasions, wear a Pashmina to special places and look like a style queen.

Most of the time, it is the Sozni Kari that is done over a Pashmina shawl because of its delicate texture and finesse. Since the underlying base is delicate as well, Sozni Kari is considered the most harmless embroidery of all.

Sozni embroidery or Sozni Kari is a fine needle work carried upon the delicate Pashmina shawl to infuse traditional motifs in beautiful colours over a plain base. Sozni embroidery is considered as one of the most sophisticated forms of embroideries in Kashmir valley, with no parallel anywhere in the world. This exceptionally fine and artistic needle work needs the full attention and expert skill of an artisan who spends months and sometimes years together to complete one single piece.

This natural Ivory White Shawl is made in dordaar design with elaborate and very fine workmanship.


  • Hand Embroidered in Kashmir
  • 100% Grade A Cashmere
  • Handmade in 3 months

Size: 100 X 200 CM

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