Heritage & Culture

We are committed to protect this beautiful handicraft of our past for future

Impact and Craft:

Himagauri promises to create items that will stand the test of time while preserving and promoting the rare craftmanship of Banaras.

We @ Himagauri take great pride in saying that each piece is Hand Made.

From the very beginning, it has been our endeavor to bring this handloom heritage of Banaras, in the right perspective, to our esteemed customers, spread all over the world and for this we have tried to convey the complete details of each saree or product to you and till yesterday , words such as Jungla Kadva Shikargah Turia were prevalent only among people related to handloom industry, have reached all of you in common vocabulary of Banaras Handloom.

It will always be our endeavor to present our inherited traditional designs with the help of new technology in front of you with new gusto and keep encouraging our artisans to do something new.


Our artisans are the most important link in our work

We have a relationship of two to three generations with many of them and it is our endeavor that they get their remuneration fairly and on time and keep them working.

All our products are manufactured by us in collaboration with our artisans and we bear the cost of designing and after the product is ready, the fair wages are given to the artisan to lead a dignified life.

We have a domestic relationship with all of them and we celebrate all the festivals together, the women of the house also help in many ways during the making of the product.


Banaras continued as an important center of devotion, pilgrimage, artistry, mysticism and poetry, and we will continue to spread this through our products in the times to come.