We are Himagauri Sarees

"At HIMAGAURI, We are committed to protect this beautiful handicraft of our past for future. We at Himagauri want to preserve this rich heritage of Banaras handicrafts for generations to come"
The Meaning- The name Himagauri has been inspired from the name of Goddess Parvati. We at Himagauri believe that every woman has the beauty of a Goddess and we wish to celebrate the Goddess in you, through beautiful and timeless crafts of pure Banaras handloom.

Our Aim- Is to exhibit Banaras Handloom at its true place, where it belongs to, purity, art, hand craftsmanship, durability, responsibility towards the environment, not just defined by vanity and exclusivity.

The essence of Banaras- Himagauri gets you Banaras handloom from its very home: Banaras. Our family has been capturing and spreading the essence of Banaras for over four decades, and it has only brought us pleasure to be a part of this centuries-old grand tradition. We have over time found newer ways to present, procure, and permeate this art form.

Our Story- Himagauri (c/o Paaraslakshmi Exports) was established in 1981, and has been manufacturing Banarasi handloom for over four decades. Located in Banaras, our attachment to the city, its culture, and handloom is a testament to its rich heritage, which is older than time itself. We strive to preserve and develop these centuries old hand weaving traditions of the city.

Our retail shop Paraslakshmi Exports has been situated in Varanasi (India) for 4 decades and has been serving visiting Indian and Foreign Tourists since then. A shop highly appreciated and recommended by:

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Our Products- We believe in sustainable fashion, and it is with this driving force that we ensure that all our handcrafted products are long-lasting. We not only want our products to satisfy you, but also stay with you for years to come.

We deliver- We promise to deliver the best quality in all our products, with a special focus on impeccable designs, longevity of fabric, and intricacy of work. We strive to take the essence of Banarasi handloom to every home and play our bit in taking a piece of culture to every family. We work relentlessly to ensure the perfect product reaches you at the best price, that has been designed with attention to detail as well as love for indigenous textiles.